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建校70周年文峰云论坛——数理基础与前沿研究论坛:Novel phononic physics in 2D materials

发布部门:理学院   发布人:胡锡奎   发布时间:2020年09月23日 02:49

报告题目:Novel phononic physics in 2D materials

报告人:张刚 教授(新加坡高性能计算研究院)


报告方式:腾讯会议     会议 ID984305295     会议密码:542410


Single phonon modes offer various applications in quantum phononic physics, including phononic lasers and nanomechanical oscillators for mode control. However, for most materials, the phonon density of states consists of mixed contributions from coupled phonons. Here, using theoretical calculations and magneto-Raman measurements, for the first time, single-phonon vibration modes are demonstrated in InSe atomic layers [1, 2]. Furthermore, through magneto-Raman measurements and theoretical simulation, we found the strength of the single-phonon vibration modes can be manipulated by magnetic field, and an anomalous magneto-optical behaviour is reported. Next, I will present our recent work on anomalous strain effect on thermal conductivity of silicene [3]. Subsequently, I will present our recent theoretical approach for modeling phonon transport in two-dimensional materials and nanoscale interfacial thermal transport [4].

[1] H. Zhou, G. Zhang*, et al., Unusual phonon behavior and ultra-low thermal conductance of monolayer InSe, Nanoscale, 10, 480-487 (2018).

[2] W. Fu, G. Zhang*, and K. P. Loh*, et al., An Anomalous Magneto-Optic Effect in Epitaxial Indium Selenide Layers, Nano Letters, 20, 5330 (2020).

[3] Bin Ding, Gang Zhang*, Huajian Gao*, et al., Anomalous strain effect on the thermal conductivity of low-buckled two-dimensional silicene, National Science Review, accepted.

[4] Kai Ren, Gang Zhang*, et al., Remarkable Reduction of Interfacial Thermal Resistance in Nanophononic Heterostructures, Advanced Functional Materials, 2004003 (2020).


Prof. Zhang received B. Sci and PhD in physics from Tsinghua University in 1998 and 2002, respectively. He is currently a senior scientist and capability group manager in Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), A*STAR, Singapore, which he joined in February 2013. Prior to his joining IHPC, he was a professor at Department of Electronics, Peking University. His research is focused on the energy transfer and harvesting in nanostructured materials. He has authored or co-authored more than 230 publications in the peer-reviewed international journals, including 40 published in prestigious journals with impact factor higher than 10, and 20 review articles including 1 in Review of Modern Physics, 2 in Physics Reports. His H-index is 65 and total citation is more than 15000. He was awarded the Highly Impacted Paper Award by Chinese Physical Society in 2020, Top Cited Author Award by Chinese Physics B in 2018, Excellence Award in Computational Physics (Chinese Physical Society 2012 Autumn Meeting) and Singapore Millennium Foundation Fellowship (2002-2004). He serves as Advisory board member for Nanoscale and Nanoscale Advances, technical committee member for IEDM, associate editor for Journal of Electronic Materials and Frontiers in Physics, guest editor for Advanced Functional Materials, Chinese Physics B and editorial board member for Scientific Reports.




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