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重庆邮电大学“纵横通信”(第207期)Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of IEICE, Fellow of IE Australia,Prof. Abbas Jamalipour 学术讲座--How to do a great research with impact

发布部门:通信学院   发布人:陈莉   发布时间:2019年07月08日 05:41



主持人:通信与信息工程学院 宋清洋 教授


Prof. Abbas Jamalipour

Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of IEICE, Fellow of IE Australia

Professor of Ubiquitous Mobile Networking

Director, Wireless Networking Lab

School of Electrical and Information Engineering

The University of Sydney, Australia

How to do a great research with impact?

Abstract:Every researcher has a unique way to do research and, in most cases, it is well related to a specific field of research. But there are certain elements that make a research a great one; no matter which field we are working on. As the number of researchers and research outputs in almost every field of science and engineering is increasing, stiff competition will arise among researchers to the best job and to get the best results. But the main question remains is that what is the meaning of best research. Is it about how complex it is, or, is it about how its result is useful to the field, or, how it is received by the peer researchers in the field? In order to carry out the best research and expect the best outcome, one needs to follow a carefully designed path that has been chosen and planned right from the beginning. In this talk, I will explain some general guidelines on how to carry out a great research which can have a lasting impact to the field and the society. My focus will be however related mostly to the field of electrical engineering and telecommunications, which are more applicable to my own research area.

Biography:Abbas Jamalipour is the Professor of Ubiquitous Mobile Networking at the University of Sydney, Australia, and holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Nagoya University, Japan. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, IEICE of Japan, and the Institution of Engineers Australia; an ACM Professional Member, and an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. He has authored eight technical books, eleven book chapters, over 450 technical papers, and five patents, all in the area of wireless and mobile communications. Dr. Jamalipour is an elected member of the Board of Governors, Executive Vice-President, Chair of Fellow Evaluation Committee, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Mobile World, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society. He was the Editor-in-Chief IEEE Wireless Communications, Vice President-Conferences and a member of Board of Governors of the IEEE Communications Society, and has been an editor for several journals. He was a General Chair or Technical Program Chair for a number of conferences, such as IEEE GLOBECOM2018, SmartGrid2016, Auto-IoT2015, ICT2015, ICC2014, PIMRC2012, and WCNC2010. He is recipient of a number of prestigious IEEE awards and 15 Best Paper Awards. He is one of the highly cited authors in the field of cellular networks.


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