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数理基础与前沿研究论坛--Investigation of strong gravitational lensing systems: galaxies acting as lenses and sources

发布部门:理学院   发布人:胡锡奎   发布时间:2019年06月27日 03:12

报告题目:Investigation of strong gravitational lensing systems: galaxies acting as lenses and sources




报告摘要:Strong gravitational lensing, one of the consequences of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, has developed into an important astrophysical tool for probing cosmology (cosmological parameters), galaxies (galactic structures, formations, and evolutions) and galaxy clusters (their structures). The great advantages of this phenomenon lie in the magnification effect of background sources and its relatively clear physical conditions. In this context, building a large dataset of strong gravitational lensing, combined with different statistical analysis could contribute to constrain cosmological parameters, the dynamical properties of dark energy, and the validity of General Relativity. Moreover, modeling gravitational lenses (galaxies or galaxy clusters) can help us probe the mass distribution (dark matter included) of the lensing systems, while identifying and re-tracing the typical features of lensed images (e.g., arc-like features, multiple images) makes it possible to derive information of the distant faint background galaxy. In this talk, with strong gravitational lensing as the main targets, we will introduce our recent results in the above systematic research fields。



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